Casa Ray...

           ... Truly a home for the homeless, truly a family for those without family. We do not tell this, but the testimony of many children who have already left the center and were integrated into society, finding a purpose in life.

          Children's life story began just not pleasant. Childhood which for most people is a beautiful memory, for them meant something else: violence, crime, separations, deaths, hunger, cold, lack of harmony in the family. At Casa Ray, they found something else: instead of violence, they received comfort, instead of crimes, they were surrounded by love ... they found what they lacked most: family and home!

          Besides all that the body requires- food, clothing, a warm bed, etc., they have found what they lacked most, God, who is the Father of orphans.

Event in August and September 2017

          Bustled by the turmoil of daily activities, time has gone unimaginably and with rapid steps we have stepped from summer to autumn. The holiday is over and the school has begun, the intense green of the trees has left the warm autumn colors and so we are passing the years and we are flying.

          The passage of time has set footprint in these two months also over two brothers, Florin and Vasile, who turned 15 and 12 years respectively, and over two sisters, Dumitrita and Gabriela, who turned 13 and 10 years respectively. The kids enjoyed each other together, played "Happy Birthday," they made wished, they blew candles, took pictures, they laughed in a word, they felt good on the occasion of each anniversary. (1-8)


          Denisa comes from a concubinage relationship that resulted in two more younger children.

          The children were abandoned by the mother, and she remarried in December 2015.

          After the mother's abandon, Denisa and her other siblings stayed for a short time in the care of their parernal grandmother, and because the old woman could not take care of their growth, they were taken by the father.

          Until July 2016, Denisa lived with her father who is an alcoholic drinker and who has aggressive behavior towards her, even threatening her with death.

Dumitrita and Gabriela

          Matasa sisters come from a disorganized family with 8 children, of which only 3 are currently minors. Children lived a relatively normal life, except for modest living conditions, until the time of the father's death, namely November 2013.

          After the unfortunate event, the girls remained in the care of their mother, who is drinking alcohol and who is not involved in raising and educating children. She was often absent from home, the girls remaining alone, unattended, and under hardly imagined conditions, endured cold and hungry.

           From 11/24/2016 the life of Dumitrita and Gabriel changed well with their arrival at Casa Ray.

           Thoughtful at first and slightly skeptical about life in the children's team, they were warmly welcomed and quickly integrated into our big family.

Event in July 2017

          "Looking back, we can say that we had an excellent month, even if there are some big problems that we are facing, we will bring them to your attention another time. We now want to enjoy these beautiful memories together. "

          This is the phrase with which we closed the June report. We did not know that the big problems we were facing would be overcome by other bigger problems in such a short time.

          We were going to let you know that the thermal installation is a big problem (pic.1-4), and the windows are also really affected by the passage of time (pic.5, 6), but as we already have informed you, the withdrawal of 44% financial support is a problem that gives us even more headaches. However, we are confident that God will find the best solutions for us and as He has demonstrated to us over time, He is the orphan's defender and will not abandon us even now. He will certainly find suitable people with whom we can continue to work for the good of these children we care for.

Event in July 2017

          The beginning of June had an expected event for children all year round: the end of the school!!! With the help of God, all our children have graduated this school year, some with good results and others have hardly gone "the finish line.” We are, however, glad that everyone has graduated! Also on June 1 we celebrated the day of the child in Romania. We marked this day with a barbecue and ... play! (1-4)

          Doinita and Florin are teenagers who have gone to another level. They graduated from the eighth grade and have now been admitted to high school. Up to this point, they had extra work for the capacity exam and had the festivity, which marked the completion of the gymnasium school. We are glad for them two to have been able to enter high school and wish them success. (5,6)

          After a break of one and a half year we managed to go back to McDonald's with the kids. They honored the invitation to the Pentecostal church of Margineni and were rewarded by a member of that church with a visit to their favorite restaurant. On this occasion, we also celebrated the birthday of Constantin Butoi, who was 15 years old. (7-12)

Events in May 2017

          The beautiful month of May has gone unmerited ... and yet, when we look back, we see that many events have happened ... and so we realize how fast life passes!
          Anniversaries, Anniversaries, Anniversaries! We start with what's prettier and sweet :) Four anniversaries of four special children: On May 4th we had a double anniversary, Mihaela turned 22 years old and Antonio 16 years old. Not at a long distance, on May 6th, Costi turned 16 years old and after only 4 days, on May 10th, Elena turned 12 years old. Beautiful and unique children, each in his own way. (1,2,3,4)
          Mihaela Anton will be mentioned once again in this report and to our joy with another positive thing ... in fact, very positive! With the help of the Lord, Mihaela had the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Letters. Yeah, it's been three years since she started high school and we're proud of her success! We pray that God will continue to guide her. (5)

Event in April 2017

          April 1 is the day of the fools in Romania, and most people make fun of each other, so… there are many unexpected things to happen, but the most unexpected thing that happened, and that surprised all the Romanians, was 24 hours of abundant snow.

          This happened exactly in the middle of spring, when the trees were blooming and the flowers in the garden were spreading their fragrance for some time. It was a very strange phenomenon to see both snow and flowers at the same time. We hoped that apples, plums, cherries, sour cherries would not have been affected, because it would be a real loss for us. Hundreds of trees broke in our area because of the weight of snow and unfortunately this also happened in our orchard. (1,2)

          But the glory of the Lord as snow was only for three days, then very quickly melted because of the great heat that followed. This way we could continue working in the garden without too much delay. (3)

Event in March 2017

           Yes! The spring is here! Finally, the children can spend more time outside. The atmosphere outside can not be compared to being indoors! (1-3)

           Because it still gets cold every once in a while, the packages sent by Dolha family from the USA were very much appreciated. The children have been very excited by the clothes items they received and they thank you very much! (4-5)

           We are glad to announce you that once the spring is here, we have a new “flower” sent by God in Gavril Matei and Madalina's family. The little Abigail is now the smallest to everyone's delight (6-7).

           Regarding the donations and aquisitions, in March we have been blessed with a transport from Germany. We have asked some old friends to help us with furniture for the new buildings. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts! Their donations have saved us a lot of money (8).

Event in February 2017

             February started in a very pleasant way for the children with a week long vacation. The children enjoyed to this the fullest this time and had a lot of activities. Of course, they also did their homework but in slow motion. (1-12)

              Ionut Dodita has turned 16 on the 12th of February. He was only 5 when he first came to Casa Ray. Now he is a teenager with big feet(42) and large clothes(M) .His transformation can only make us happy !!

              The 20th of February was an emotional day because we had to pass the control from the Emergency Situation Department. Because of the fire we had last year, we had many, many requirement to fulfill. With God’s help we over passed with congratulations this control.

              Ciprian Vantoaia had a big surprise when, after 6 years of absence, received his father’s visit . It was a short, 30 minutes conversation, which surely filled his heart. (16)