Casa Ray...

           ... Truly a home for the homeless, truly a family for those without family. We do not tell this, but the testimony of many children who have already left the center and were integrated into society, finding a purpose in life.

          Children's life story began just not pleasant. Childhood which for most people is a beautiful memory, for them meant something else: violence, crime, separations, deaths, hunger, cold, lack of harmony in the family. At Casa Ray, they found something else: instead of violence, they received comfort, instead of crimes, they were surrounded by love ... they found what they lacked most: family and home!

          Besides all that the body requires- food, clothing, a warm bed, etc., they have found what they lacked most, God, who is the Father of orphans.

Event in October 2016

           Preserving for the winter continues in October. Young and old, we all participated so we are ready when the winter comes. Beans, vegetables, pickles, they are all ready.(1-4)

           School started again so the volunteer Rebeka began the English Language lessons. Praise God for her!!(5)

           The children’s creation panel reflects the outside atmosphere. The children and their instructor, Catalina created a beautiful corner full of imagination.(6-10)

           Nature has the ability to always surprise us so we got the first snow.(11-12)

           We were also pleasantly surprised by the Romanian State (which is not very common for us). The children received some school supplies which they were very useful and it saves us some money.(13)

Events in July and August 2016

          We know that many of You have asked why You have not received any news from Casa Ray for some time, but ... as usual, there is an explanation JIt was vacation time, so now we come with new information for the months of July and August!

          We start with birthdays that we've had, because since the first days of July we had Andrea's anniversary, who turned 18, than, on 22nd of July, Alexandru turned 20, then followed Vasile's birthday, who turned 12, Ionel in August turned 13 and last but not least, at the end of August we celebrated father Mihai, who turned 66 years with the Lord's help. Each anniversary is an occasion for celebration at Casa Ray, children enjoying every sweet they receive extra! (1-5)

          These celebrations were not the only joys of the month. 6 of our youth went to a camp at Voronet, along with other 70 young people. This camp was organized by the Baptist Church. You realize that our young people felt very well surrounded by so many new friends.(6, 7)

Event in June 2016

          June was important because of the Child’s National Day on the first of June .

          All the children from Casa Ray, together with their friends from Dobreni (about 40 children) went to a village called Izvoare to celebrate this event. 150 people in total, played games, sang songs, learned songs, studied Bible stories, received prizes , after answering  questions, they watched a play, took lunch together and finally eat a giant birthday cake made especially for them.

          You can imagine the joy and the happiness!! (1-12)

          Constantin got 2 birthday celebrations because he also turned 15 on the 19th of June. (13)

          We made a trip to Bacau, on an invitation from a Christian church. The children really enjoy and cherish the traveling and seeing new places. (14)

Event in May 2016

              The month of May had 5 birthdays ! Mihaela ( 22 years ), Vlad ( 18 Years ), Antonio ( 15 years), Costi ( 15 years ) and Elena ( 11 years ). Of course,we had  the traditional birthday cakes but also the oldest ones received a cake made out of their favourite drink Coca Cola. ( 1-3 )

              Because the weather helped us a lot, we already gathered the first crop of hey. The hey That remain after the fire was just enough to feed our cows and when the hey was over, the new grass was grown so we could take them out to graze. So, we could see God watch over us also in this little aspect! ( 4 )

             We also managed to put some fire wood aside , for the winter. All the children helped. We still need 15 m cubs of wood in order to have enough fire wood for the winter.( 5 )

            Our farm gas gotten bigger with 80 chicks and 50 turkeys. We are very happy that we can provide healthy food for our children from chicken grown in our own yard. ( 6,7,8 )

Evenimentele lunii Aprilie 2016

          The middle of spring, month of April, a month full of beautiful events.

          At the beginning of the month we were pleasantly suprised by a group of youth and children from the state orfanage from Piatra Neamt - "Elena Doamna" that came to vist us. The children had a great time together eating something sweet and playing in the yard. It was easy to acommodate to the others, as part of them already knew eatchother from previous events. (photos 1-4)

          After this visit, another one followed. A group of three men, from the Ghedeon organisation, came to see the children, bringing the joy to them by giving them juice and fruits and last but not least by blessing them with a prayer for each one. (photo 5)

Event in March 2016

          God has created things so perfectly that when you take time to think about it, you can not help be overwhelmed by how wise the plan of God is  .

          The trees burst into a wonderful game of colors , the fields dress the green coat of spring, , the birds sing a joyful song baby -  sheep play around their mothers, the children leave their winter daily routine spending lots of time out. Everything comes back to life! A season that makes you keep fighting full speed ahead, gather forces and start new things, a season that won't let you laze, that screams: LIFE!

          This is how we feel things at Casa Ray. The house, the garden and the yard, have come to life. The children have filled the atmosphere with their laughings like a worm and thick spring rain. (photos 1-3)

Event in February 2016

             We could not finish the cleaning after the fire by the end of January and we continued all February: 8 big trucks full of dirt and ashes. But let's forget about the  past and look into the future!!(1-5)

             We donated all the iron left after the cleaning to a poor family in Targu Neamt who also had their  house on  fire two months ago and they had to repair the roof.(6)

             We also used as fuel the wood that was left unburned.(7,8)

             After we got rid of the dirt we tore down the walls that were still standing. Now everything is cleared and ready for the new construction.(9-13)

Event in January 2016

          It's not the way we imagined we will begin the informing for the first month of the year, January... but as life is always filled with unexpected events, so it happened also in our case.

          But the strong blaze we've been through hasn't prevented us from praising God which, although He allowed this trial, gave us many blessings ,has taught us many lessons and reinforced our faith that we are not alone, but there are many which love us and ready to put their sholder in building the future for the children from Casa Ray.

          Pictures from the fire I'm sure you've seen enough and are not nice to watch, so it's better to just praise the Lord together that none of our children were phisicaly harmed (pictured from Alexandra to Vlad)

Events in December 2015

          We owe you information from December and we don't want the events from this month to go by unmentioned.
          The month began with small repairs of the walls, done by Alexandru, our oldest boy which is 19 years old. He wanted to paint the walls of his room and when he saw how nice it came out he continued with other rooms. And we believe he did a great job, he is good at it! (pictures 1 and 2)
          Our blue minibus that we've used for so long, got old and its "wrinkles" begun to be seen everywhere. The exhaust is broken and sounds like a tractor, the back door no longer closes, but as long as God allows it we will use it with joy. (pictures 3 and 4)
          Christmas is near and the lights, the decorations for this holiday, the Christmas tree decorated make this holiday  to be felt more intensely. Alexandru and Cristian were the ones that decorated every corner of Casa Ray...and...they were very careful with every corner. (pictures 5 and 6)